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February 12, 2017






















Hi everyone, I'm Kelly and welcome to my channel, the blonde snow white.

I am a conscious media TV host, sci-fi novel list, screenwriter, cookbook Author and healthy life style expert.

And today show grow back your hair part one is going to show you is I'm going to share with you my nutrition vitamins and supplements I took to grow back my hair a second time.

Some of you may recognize me from my sugar-free gluten-free TV series on Veria called the sweet truth.

And now I want to share what I know with you on holistic health, transformation, and spiritual growth. This YouTube channel is a lot like Gia TV.

How do I get this information, you might ask.


Through my own experience, intuition and creativity. I channel and Bring forth Pleiadian consciousness, much like Barbara Marciniak does in her prolific books.

My first Pleiadian contact was in 1985, and their guidance has assisted me so profoundly ever since, especially in the areas of self-healing.

And that's I want to share with you  today--how I healed my hair from falling back  in 2006,

But I've done it again with more ease, and expanded awareness.

Here's what I know:

For me The first time around, the cause was Extreme stress, and eating sugar and gluten and dairy.

The second time around it was also due to extreme stress but I wasn't eating sugar, gluten, or dairy. So that part I changed it still was suffering from my hair thinning. The only correlation was the extreme stress.

Even if you can't eliminate the extreme stress fully this is what I did physically to start growing my hair back.

First, I am sugar-free gluten-free and dairy free and I use alternative ingredients like unsweetened almond milk and a gluten-free granola as substitutes. And I do this so that I have maximum absorption of the nutrients that I can feed my hair.

Second, and this is interesting I thought just eating correctly would help eventually grow my hair once the stress stopped, but that was not true, I had to start doing a green drink in the morning and add specific supplements.

Here's what to look for in a powdered green drink Spirulina, nettle leave, burdock root, horse tail, sea vegetables like kelp and dulse, ginger root, and dandelion leaf.

I use 8 ounces of spring water a serving of a green powder, half to a full banana and sometimes papaya for digestion and blend it up and down the hatch.

And I follow it with another supplement a hair skin and nails supplement.








Look for supplements that contain again see vegetables and the whole food ingredients that I mentioned for the green drink as well of course everybody knows to take bio 10, and then I add another supplement of keratin, collagen.

Grow back your hair part two will focus on the mindset that I used in tandem with the green drink and the nutrition that helped me grow back my hair within one month. The key is to keep it up and be consistent.

I hope you enjoy go back your hair part one see you The next time on Blonde Snow White.


Kelly shares her secrets on how she grew her hair back from stress not only once, but twice.


Welcome to The Blonde Snow White TV Show and Star Channel.  


I am a Conscious Media TV Host, Sci-fi novelist, screenwriter, cookbook author, and health expert. ​ 


You'll find conscious media here. I channel Pleiadian ET teachings and beyond. 


Topics include my personal experiences with holistic health, the connection between developing spirituality and intuitive abilities, self-healing, dreams and manifesting, and how I receive and work with ET frequencies for self-empowerment.  




Read about my ET experiences in The Blonde Snow White, Road Trip to Hollywood on Amazon:  


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