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Power of Ascension Eps 8

Hi, I’m Kelly Keough and welcome to the Blonde Snow White. I want to tell you about the power of ascension from my personal experience so that you may also experience the same power. The power I speak of is self-empowerment to the point of pure spiritual resilience to negativity. It is awesome. So in this video, I want to tell you stories about raising your vibrations, then about accessing frequencies, and finally about DNA code activation.

So, what does raising your vibrations mean? It means healing the frozen trauma that fragments your soul. The trauma could be from this life, other lifetimes, and often lifetimes connected to your own lineage. And once you heal the frozen trauma or limiting beliefs, you can then integrate that negative experience, or fragmented parts of yourself back into yourself. Transforming that frozen shock wave allows your heart energy to flow so that you can access higher frequencies of vibration. Once you access these higher frequencies, or waves of inspiring information, you can anchor them in the body, and use them to manifest your heart’s desire through love.

First, I’ll give a little backstory. Starting the Blonde Snow White channel has given me an opportunity to express all the inner spiritual work, healing, and psychic development that I've done for the past three decades. And even though the last five years has been happening at an accelerated pace, and the past year has been moving at lightening speed. And it’s now that I’ve raised my vibrations and embodied the higher frequencies of ascension in my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and really understood the power of Ascension.

So this power of Ascension that I'm talking about is the raising of vibrations, which for me is the feeling of pure protection and shielding from negativity and on top of that, being completely in alignment with your purpose and having no doubt about who you are. This is why we do all of the spiritual work of developing compassion, meditating and journaling, and even channeling higher consciousness in order to help others. And another way of describing why we do this ascension work is, Alignment Absolute.

So here’s the specific experience that inspired me to do this episode. On the night I posted my first Pleiadian channeled message on Transformation, I had a dream. It was semi-lucid. I was in my own bed lying on my back when supernatural powers approached my auric field, and then my body. At first, I thought I was going to levitate, but instead a supernatural force merged with my body, and I received an energetic balance. I became lucid, then woke myself out of the dream, and for an hour immediately after, I had Alignment Absolute. I can describe it as my mind was clear and alert and so energized that I had a greater sense of myself as a spiritual being.

But here’s the best part. I used my Dream Recall techniques and asked the dream what just happened? I sensed that I’d activated a code within my DNA for greater awareness of self. In other words, I activated a deep self-awareness. And even another way of saying it was that I had the strongest knowing ever of being within reach of my potential and having the ability to fulfill my purpose. The major surprise in this experience, and here’s the key, there was no effort at pushing away the negativity. Everything that had been bothering me just was energetically insignificant. My inner state of mind was my own protective shield, and every negative thought that had been plaguing my mind spiraled down around my feet as if they were tiny pebbles falling to the ground, nothing could my ruffle my feathers. And even better yet, my inner focus was on all I could be, and I was not interested in fear, doubt and worry.

The intensity of that energetic realization didn’t last as long as I wanted it to. But I can use sense memory to call it up in my mind and body and use it. If I can do it, you can do it. Just ask for the frequency you desire in amounts you can handle for the good of all and the harm of none. I think this is the fruit of doing Ascension work, and I hope you enjoy the benefits of your efforts in real time experiences.

If you have any questions… email me. Thanks!

Kelly e. Keough Writer, Media Professional and Educator

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