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Read Your Dreams: Dream Detective Eps 5 Pt 3

You've called up your dreams, written them in present tense verbs, and used send memory to go deeper. Now you're ready to have a conversation with the symbols as a Dream Detective. So I'll continue with my dream: “The little kitten is so cute, I let the kitten play with my fingers. The kitten bites my index finger on my right hand and will not let go. I let the kitten bite me and pet the kitten because she is so cute. I ignore the pain. What I don't realize is that she's biting my finger off making a huge cut in my finger. I put the kitten down I realize the cut is so deep, I may need stitches.”

After trying to read this dream, I wrote it down, but I needed to go further into this next step. I could only take my interpretations so far especially after I googled dream interpretation websites. I got nowhere, and then I did the inner work.

I asked the kitten, “Why are you biting my finger?”

The dream symbols readily talked to me because I made contact and I asked. I heard the following answer to my Dream Detective question.

“Let go of the outcome.”

This was an amazing advice that I’d given to myself. It made much more sense than the dream interpretations on the web. This directive from my dreams, “Let go of the outcome,” lifted a weight off my head and shoulders and allowed me to be more creative with a writing project I was worried about. So not worrying about the outcome of it freed me. This is great wisdom that came from me to myself that I could not receive because I was too wrapped up in my ego of the outcome the project. This Dream Reading Method assisted me in expanding my awareness, and helped me shift my self identity from one of struggle to one of play. The most important thing is I freed myself. And all it took was a little dream about a little kitten trying to bite my finger off.

Kelly e. Keough Writer, Media Professional and Educator

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