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How to Manifest Your True Desires Pt 1

Hi, I'm Kelly Keough and welcome to the Blonde Snow White. Today's episode kicks off a series on how to manifest your desires. There is a lot that has been written on this subject namely from Bashar, Theo, and Abraham-Hicks. I have taken workshops from all of these channelers of higher consciousness and they each have their own unique take on the subject. Bashar says to always follow your greatest excitement. Abraham-Hicks says ask and it is given and in between the asking and the receiving is the allowing, and yet still it's a mystery.

And still Theo talks about manifesting through your thoughts by accessing the quantum field of creation. If you take the best of what all of these three points of higher consciousness have to offer, you can still ask, why is this not working? Why can't I manifest what I want?

I want to share with you what I've discovered through through my own reading, research, and self reflection on the subject of manifesting your desires. And the secret is this: you've got to anchor the love frequency and manifest through the power of your heart. I don't know why this has been neglected in spiritual circles, but what I have come to experience is that the practice of anchoring the love frequency raises your vibrations and allows you to access higher levels of intuition via or through your heart energy because the universal mind is anchored in the heart chakra; therefore, your intuition will exquisitely and specifically guide you on how to uniquely manifest your own particular hearts desires.

That's because desires are not daydreams. Desires are do dreams. They must manifest through taking action steps. More on that in the series, but for now I want you to know that through the heart chakra and the love frequency is how you can manifest quickly and easily and almost seemingly effortlessly your true hearts desire's because all the answers come to you through the heart chakra. The problem is that most people think they can manifest exclusively through the third eye and mental body, yes they can manifest, but it won't completely fulfill their heart's true desires, which aren't out in alignment with their soul.

Manifesting these types of desires (the heart's) are the most rewarding, even monetarily. So, As you anchor the love frequency and emanate it and practice it you ride those frequencies or those waves to your spiritual body and enter the universal mind where the answers that are you you're seeking live, but it's only done on higher vibrations or frequencies. So in this part one video, how to manifest your desires, I'm going to teach you how to anchor the love frequency. You're going to do a created and guided visualization and meditation. So you can sit back and close your eyes. You're going to see and feel a pillar of light light grounding cord that runs from the top of your head down through the center of your body and you gonna drop that grounding cord down through the earth and allow it to anchor in the central crystal chamber. See and feel your white light grounding cord drop down to connect with mother Earth right in the center of this crystal chamber until your grounding cord anchors in the middle of a magnificent multifaceted Diamond crystal that is emanating the love frequency. Connect with this frequency now.

As you breathe in, allow this energy to run up your pillar of white light grounding cord breathe it in to your body and then exhale it out into your aura. Keep your attention on your breath as you continue to breathe the white light and love energy up through your pillar of light fill the body and exhale the love energy out into your aura see and feel yourself vibrating with this Love and Light energy. Focus now on your heart center and allow the energy from Mother Earth to travel up your white light grounding cord, breathe it in and let it fill up your heart. Let it gather there and fill up like a cup, and practice sending out this vibration towards yourself and towards others as unconditional love.

Do this for several minutes a day and intend to anchor this love frequency for yourself and others. As you cultivate this frequency of oneness, protection, safety, harmony being in the right place at the right time and success, you will begin to raise your vibration's and access your intuition through this simple exercise spontaneously.

Our next episode on how to manifest your desires will focus on the three D's of discerning deducting in deciding just what are your hearts desires and I hope to see you next Time on the blonde Snow White.

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Kelly e. Keough Writer, Media Professional and Educator

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