Welcome to my Youtube Channel. You will find inspiration on holistic health: mind, body, and spirit, plus sugar-free/gluten-free and vegan recipes for beauty and satisfy your sweet tooth. Also see the original

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March 30, 2017

The power I speak of is self-empowerment to the point of pure spiritual resilience to negativity. It is awesome. So in this video, I want to tell you stories about raising your vibrations, then about accessing frequencies, and finally about DNA code activation.

March 30, 2017

The next technique in Dream Recall is Sense Memory, this technique comes after you've called up your dreams and journaled your dream images and stories in present tense verbs. Move to the next stage dream reading and use sense memory when you're still looking f...

March 30, 2017

I want to show you how I read my dreams. This is different from interpreting dreams because when you're developing your psychic abilities, you learn to observe energy, and read just like if you open the book and read the words

February 12, 2017

Even if you can't eliminate the extreme stress fully this is what I did physically to start growing my hair back.

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Kelly e. Keough Writer, Media Professional and Educator

"I write stories about rebel females on the heroine's journey to help

people reclaim their power and realize their dreams by shifting the paradigm between women and their worth.

"It's time to reclaim the love, beauty, and value that you are so you can bring the magic of transformation back into this fast paced world.

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The Sweet Truth TV Series
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