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Animated Short Film

Writer, Director Producer of an graphic novel-style animated, short film titled, Prologue, using motion graphics to tell the beginning of my novel, The Blonde Snow White, Road Trip to Hollywood, in a time-based media format. 


       "If I told you that the Snow White that everyone knows and loves was really an imposter, would you believe me? And what if I told you that I am the real Snow White, the blonde one. I’m about to tell you the story of two warring snow princesses, the aliens and a girl who dreamed of being a star."

Media Reel

Writer, Director, Producer, and Instructor of Media Communication and English. This short video showcases a sample of my student's PSA videos, highlights of my DailyOm multi-modal online courses, and a preview of my

26-episode reality TV cooking show on Veria. Known as ZLiving/ZeeTV.

YouTube Channel

Creator, Writer, Host of a conscious media channel focusing on healthy cooking, and mind, body and spirit awareness and development. Started in 2016.

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Student Video: Who Am I AI ?

The Sweet Truth, TV Cooking Show

Ep. 11, Pump It Up

Creator, Writer, Host of one of the 1st alternative sugar-free/gluten-free and raw vegan healthy cooking reality TV shows on cable. Produced for Veria (owned by Zee TV, India) in 2006, The Sweet Truth's 26-episodes aired on Verizon Fios and Dish Network, as well as worldwide. This episode is one of my favorite shows because it shows how committed I am to combining cooking and exercising for optimum health. Almost 15 years latter, the health industry has boomed and alternative cooking styles and products have morphed into a multi-billion dollar industry and lifestyle.

Kelly e. Keough Writer, Media Professional and Educator

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