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Go Gluten-free Tips

Going gluten-free is now easier than ever. It's so important to start your day gluten free and I need something quick and easy. I also want to satisfy the kid inside so I go for the granola. The first tip I want to give you is my top list of gluten-free granolas that I eat every day. It's important when you're choosing a gluten-free granola to read the labels and make sure it says gluten-free. I love many of the Kind gluten-free granolas because they have low sugar, I also love Udi's Vanilla, Purely Elizabeth Pumpkin Spice, and Love Grown Chocolate Granola, and Go Raw organic sprouted granola. What I love about these granolas is that I mix and match them three at a time. Eat these with unsweetened almond milk, carry them as a dry snack and mix with organic nuts, put them on top of baked apples and you've got an open face apple pie with no crust or extra calories.

So why do you want to go gluten-free? For me I was in a healing crisis. My hair is falling out, and I had to heal my digestion and the ability to absorb nutrients in the small intestine which Gluten can interfere with. I was never tested for celiac disease, but I am highly allergic to gluten, which led me to compulsively over eating foods like cookies and brownies and cereal, so gluten was a major reason my hair was falling out. Like me, you may have a health issue and be told that you have to eliminate gluten from your diet. I was desperate to heal and grow back my hair so I literally went gluten-free overnight. Going gluten-free has been the best health choice I've made inside and out. Within two weeks my friends were asking me if I had face work done and how I had lost weight. I had no idea that I would also easily slim down, decrease pain and is inflammation in my body, and change the look of my skin and face. Switch to a gluten-free granola or cereal and stick with it. Gluten-free oats means that they were grown in a designated field to ensure no crossfeed breeding with any nearby wheat fields. I totally feel the difference when I eat a non-gluten-free granola. Regular granola is made with oats that aren't labeled gluten-free affect me negatively, they feel heavy and my body and they do not digest well I know they cost less money but I prefer to spend the extra two dollars on the gluten-free oats, it will be worth it because you'll save money on other combat product that are combating the side effects of gluten.

For more tips and recipes on going gluten free check out my course on coming Summer 2017.

Kelly e. Keough Writer, Media Professional and Educator

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