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Grow Your Hair Back Pt 2 Eps 2


Hi everyone I’m Kelly Keough. Welcome to the blonde snow white, grow back your hair, part 2. This show is about empowering yourself to take action and empowering yourself to believe that you can grow your hair back.

In part one, I talked about how stress affected me in the past, resulting in hair loss, and how I self-healed through diet and nutrition, and most importantly, through a determined will power, I believed I could do it.

If you're watching on YouTube, look for a list of products I use posted under this video.


Okay, now that you have your supplements, and your diet is in place because you eliminated sugar, gluten, dairy and made it easier for your body absorb the nutrients, you're going to work on reducing your stress and increasing your belief that you can heal your hair.

Here's what I know to be true. No matter what your stress is, whether it's external or internal, it all shrinks down to loss of personal power. For me, loss personal power equaled loss of hair.

So... Step 1, ask yourself... where is my personal power leaking, or where does my personal power feel out of control, or where in my life do you feel at a loss? Usually, there will be a lot of disappointment around this subject.

Step 2. Identify the stress. And if you can change the external stress factor, then do so. But, if you can't change the external stress factor at the moment, change how you're responding to the stress on the inside.

Step 3. Reduce the stress by meditating and self-healing visualizations.

For example, do a YouTube search for kundalini yoga meditations. This type of yoga can be done at home watching videos online, and kundalini yoga will start to strengthen and nourish your nervous system.

Step 4. Every time you look in the mirror, look past what you see and visualize the hair growing back, thank your hair for being there, thank your hair for growing back so quickly. Just like in the Snow White fairy tale, use your mirror as a magic talisman of beauty and transformation, and see and feel your new reflection. The key words are see and feel because you must shift the vibration about how you feel. And do this everyday.

Remember that your body is a reflection of what's going on in your life, and as soon as you put your self healing plan into action, you will send out a frequency or vibration of taking control of your life and regaining your personal power. You’ll also find that you will draw to yourself the opportunities to learn specifically what you need to heal your hair.

For me this self-help recipe worked miracles and I grew my hair back like I said, not only once, but twice. I hope to see you again on the Blonde Snow White.

Kelly e. Keough Writer, Media Professional and Educator

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