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Heal Sugar Addiction: Eat Love

Hi I am Kelly Keough and welcome to the Blonde Snow White. I want you to heal and set yourself free from sugar addiction. So, the first question is, would you like to be completely and totally free from sugar? If the answer is yes, you've come to the right place. Some of you may have seen my TV cooking show on Veria or Zliving and know my story growing up as a sugar addict and compulsive over eaters since the minute I was born into a Sicilian catering business family where I had walk in freezers full of chocolate ice cream at my fingertips or sheets of lemon filled cake 3 feet long.

Or you may have read my backstory in one of my sugar-free gluten-free cookbooks. Either way, I want to let you know I’ve walked 100’s of miles in your shoes, and I have been free from sugar addiction for over 10 years. Nothing feels better to me than thinking and feeling normally about food, especially desserts and sugar it's self. So, I want to get you on the fast track you and accelerate you to the end result of freeing yourself from sugar. How’s it going to look and feel? The fact is, sugar-free looks great on your body inside and out. It increases the beauty in glow of your skin, hair, and face.

By removing the inflammatory properties of refined white sugar from your food plan and replacing them with sugar-free alternatives, not only can you reduce your water retention, weight gain, premature wrinkles, poor digestion, and suppressed immune system, plus symptoms of over all aging, you can still have your sweets and eat them too, without the guilt. Also the most vital benefit you can gain from being sugar-free is keeping your blood sugar levels as even as possible, because this helps keep our hormonal levels keep balanced as well.

All of this will happen within the first week of eliminating refined sugar from your diet. I promise you that you will look and feel more beautiful, weigh less and Best of all, feel happy. I want you to get to my level of healing, and that’s completely in control of what you choose to eat with no guilt no regret and no deprivation.

So there first step to my food philosophy is eat what you love. It’s all about the heart and your love energy. For homework, I want you to write down 10 foods you can't live with out on a daily basis. For example when I first started to heal myself in 2005, I’d been a sugar addict my whole life, that’s 41 years, and I needed something "cakey" and "bready" and sweet and chocolatey in the morning. So I created a no guilt brownie and ate almost every day for the first three or four months.

And guess what I still lost weight. This is because if you're an extreme sugar addict you have to detox the refined sugar in your body while at the same time still satisfying your emotional and your mental and your spiritual cravings that you have been replacing with food.

So once you pinpoint your “can't live without food list”, I'm going to teach you how to make those recipes with alternative ingredients.

I'm still happy to share this information with you, and you can also access the full course, Heel and set yourself free from sugar addiction, on And for more recipes, check out my cookbooks on Amazon.


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Kelly e. Keough Writer, Media Professional and Educator

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