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Read Your Dreams: Sense Memory Eps 5 Pt 2

The next technique in Dream Recall is Sense Memory, this technique comes after you've called up your dreams and journaled your dream images and stories in present tense verbs. Move to the next stage dream reading and use sense memory when you're still looking for a deeper meaning that you did not get from the journaling. I first learned this technique of Sense Memory in an acting class while in film school at AFI from my teacher Janice Lynde. It's a simple and effective technique where you use your left hand to reach for an event in the past. Use your left hand because it's the feminine side of the body, your intuitive side, you’re invoking that energy within that ability as you reach your hand back to the dream to sense everything about it. This action of reaching and sensing (along with the intention) literally downloads the dream again energetically. Actors use this to call up memories and emotions that they can then use and they're acting. So in a sense, you are reenacting the dream in your mind, body, and emotions.

Once you've done this, you move to setting the stage to talk with the dream, and have a conversation with the symbols in the dream. Before this, I recommend doing a tiny clearing using the words: “I'm sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.” This Self Identity healing technique comes from Ho’oponopono, and it neutralizes the mind, and clears the slate for you so that you can discern the new information that's going to come in because you're going to go to an even deeper level and you may need to neutralize your mind and emotions so you can receive the blessing of the information to come forth, you're also going into your heart and leaving the ego behind so you can receive the truth.

Kelly e. Keough Writer, Media Professional and Educator

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